Prologue: The sound of gunshot.

The chaos of the dust dancing in the wind may yet lay the foundation upon which settled dust may become fresh slate for children to write on. And disorder will give way to order. Even the night hands over to the day with absolute faith in its return with the shadow of the dusk. And… Read More Prologue: The sound of gunshot.


Facing the storm

The young woman sat silently, pensively, like a monk in deep meditation. In her heart, she felt lonely and abandoned; like a single pair of footsteps in a long barren desert. I can’t be the first woman! And I can’t be the only one! “Mrs. Damilo…” “Miss…Damilola”, she corrected, smiling nervously at the attorney. The… Read More Facing the storm


Ifeadigo was in a vacuum. The chaos and noise around him could not penetrate the sorrow that now enveloped him like a shell. Time was timeless. Even the phalanx of hands pulling him from his kneeling position could not shake him from his daze. His benumbed arms held the body of his mother, now growing… Read More Sundown[1]